Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Every era brings a new mandate for businesses operating in it. Within a decade, business focus has moved from assets to commerce, and now to the customer. Rapid technological and consumer evolution is pushing enterprises to be more intuitive, agile, and transparent – more Digital. Digitalization is changing business models and processes; making them increasingly customer centric. The fuel to this transformation is data, that’s driving insight led competitive differentiation.
We enable you to focus your whole value chain for the best customer experience and operational performance by:

  • Creating a continued set of positive experiences, resulting in sustained higher share of wallet and lifetime value, and positive influences on other customers
  • Translating your strategies into operational processes and information technology systems that optimize business performance, delivering excellence in sales processes.
  • Delivering high touch convergent experiences that are human, insightful, and data driven.
  • Improving the performance of marketing operations by developing systems and operations that result in better customer acquisition/conversion and more efficient use of marketing spend techniques.
  • Amplifying efficiency and boost revenue from operations
  • Changing the culture of IT organizations and their business counterparts, to develop capabilities and planning approaches to improve performance and become more nimble
  • Helping you to develop, test and scale new capabilities to deliver new revenue streams and defend against disruption.
  • Empowering employees and boost workforce productivity and drive innovation.
  • Forming closer partnerships with increased collaboration.

Our Expertise:

1- Integration Services:

To keep up with the fast pace of business and escalating customer demands, organizations must have the agility to respond quickly to change. As businesses have depended on computerized information systems more and more to run their business, different departments and divisions within large enterprises have raced ahead and incorporated disparate business applications, databases and business intelligence infrastructure that do not easily talk to each other and exchange information. These information "silos" caused by legacy applications and a diverse IT architecture prevent smooth information flow between different departments and across geographies.

Our holistic integration service approach ensures that the entire multi-enterprise applications are integrated and the systems satisfy business requirements at all enterprise levels. We ensure that your business remains flexible and responsive to changes in the business strategy. Our Integration services range from point-to-point ad hoc integration projects to tactically integrate a new or upgraded data source or application into an enterprise information infrastructure to a structured information processing and delivery framework that has helped leading global organizations break down information barriers across the enterprise, accelerate business processes, eliminate ineffective routine operations, verify data validity and consistency across data warehouses, applications and geographical locations.

With our extensive domain expertise and rich industry experience, we are ideal partner for your application integration needs. Our highly skilled teams can solve the most complex challenges and standardize integration with industry-proven CRM products. The team has an unremitting focus on quality and provides world-class advisory and implementation services.

2- Artificial Intelligence:

Many companies in the artificial intelligence space continue to work in the areas of procedural automation, capturing expert knowledge in a machine-readable format, and then automating the execution of these complex but repetitive tasks. We focus on how new technologies alongwith a team of artificial intelligence specialists can deliver enhanced value by enabling companies to work on complex cognitive tasks. These tasks address issues that technology systems have previously been unable to solve.

With deep rooted experience in natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning techniques, our team of data scientists and machine learning specialists have developed consumer-centric business solutions. These are aimed at providing you with access to advanced analytics techniques to help extract the best from available time and resources, and also achieve operational efficiency.
We work with global clients to use artificial intelligence to address business challenges. Enterprises need artificial intelligence for complex modelling of a problem based on a detailed understanding of the existing business processes and wider business challenges.

3- Advanced Analytics:

Advanced analytics are creating profound new opportunities for businesses, yet we found that only 4% of companies are able to combine the right people, tools, data and organizational focus to take advantage. To realize the value of big data, organizations need strategic—and not merely technological—solutions. R4 Solutions bridges the gap with advanced analytics offerings by combining a deep understanding of processes and techniques with a strong technology background to deliver enterprise scale business intelligence and data management solutions. Our strategy experience and analytical expertise help ensure that businesses build the right capabilities to mine data for insights that can enable better decisions and create value. In addition to focusing on leveraging the latest and most advanced analytics techniques and algorithms, we begin every engagement by charting out a clear path to automate and integrate the analytics solution with mainstream business intelligence and data management platforms.

4- Internet of Things:

Expansion of Internet of Things and mobility is transforming the way things work across industries. Companies are leveraging maximum benefits out of the technological advancements to bring in new possibilities.Healthcare companies are creating integrated platforms that facilitate the aggregation of data from a broad range of wearables and applications connected to the medical devices. Such platforms also foster real-time engagement with patients and enable organizations to generate actionable insights on the health of each patient. Healthcare organizations provide care to the elderly and disabled therefore to support healthy and safe living of elderly individuals or disabled patients, a system is required which can monitor their activities of daily living is needed. A mobile and IOT based platform can help in checking essential vitals, providing personalized tips, reminders and educational content on medical conditions in a proactive and timely manner.

5: Mobile Apps-

As a Mobile Application Development Company, we can help you turn your ideas into elegant, reliable and user-friendly applications. We offer various Mobile Business & Connected Applications Development Services. Our enthusiastic expert developers possess in-depth and extensive knowledge in major platforms/frameworks and cross-platform mobile application development practices. We provide end-to-end Mobility solutions and services to businesses and enterprises in the Lifestyle, Healthcare, Business, Education and Utility industries around the world.

5: Product Engineering Services-

Our cutting-edge Product Engineering Services comprises of intensive research and analysis for identifying the appropriate technologies to achieve the best performance while incurring minimum costs. R4 Solutions takes a well calculated and studied approach towards cost, performance, feature trade-offs and additional factors which help companies surmount the challenges of delivering high-quality, timely products and services to the marketplace.

6- Software Solutions-

Our Software Development Services process begins with thorough understanding and analysis of requirements. We engage with organizations to bring differentiation in user experience, development, enhancements, support and maintenance across the complete application lifecycle and software solutions.Our agile software development approach offers many advantages of an iterative and fast-paced process