Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning

Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning

Hospitals and healthcare organizations could be interested in improving operational efficiencies, reducing inventory and labor costs and bettering communication and information flow among various departments thus providing correct and timely care. Unlike many conventional industries, missing or inaccurate information can cost people’s lives in the healthcare sector. All these problems can be avoided by implementing ERP system.

At R4 Solutions, our experienced domain and technology consultants have comprehensive experience in managing all vital functions of hospital information systems viz., human resources, revenue cycle management, patient relationship management, departmental modules, financials and support modules. Our ERP solutions are aimed at delivering various clinical and business tools that providers and managers want and need. It is commonly known that many healthcare institutes are focused mainly on improving the quality of medical care at the same time optimizing back-end operations, reducing costs and maximizing profits.

Our Healthcare Information System is an integrated end-to-end Hospital ERP, rather Healthcare ERP encompassing clinical, financial and supporting applications required for a hospital. It stands out to be one of the best solutions available in the ERP Healthcare market, making us one of the leading ERP vendors. Our experienced domain professionals assure you that with the help of ERP solutions all the goals described above can be easily achieved by optimization of business process. We take seriously all the clients and all the projects we work on and will continue doing it along with the development of the best software solutions for healthcare industry.

Benefits ERP can bring to healthcare

So that hospitals and healthcare organizations can remain competitive and support their development, acquisitions and consolidations ERP software solution is considered to be necessary.With the help of ERP systems you can have a possibility to:

  • Streamline healthcare processes
  • Provide the patients with highly secure remote access to databases with the help of alternative devices
  • Take advantage of simple centralized backup options.
  • Reduce operational costs and do whatever possible in order to increase profitability
  • Improve patient care and withstand competition with other medical institutes
  • Utilize effective search facilities

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Services:
  • Software Selection: Independent ERP selection and evaluation services to help an organization make the right decision.
  • Workflow Assessment & Process Improvement: Identifying opportunities for improvement with current workflows can enhance the productivity of your staff.
  • Implementation Strategy: Alignment of ERP implementation with organizational needs and requirements ensuring cost savings and increased productivity.
  • Staff Augmentation: Providing the staffing resources necessary to make your ERP implementation a success.
  • Project Initiation: Ensuring the implementation has a plan and guidance to be successful.
  • Training and Go-Live Support: A customized plan to train employees and take an ERP system live.
  • Implementation Audit & Quality Assurance: Identifying problems and making adjustments to ensure a successful implementation.