Mobility, Web & IoT enabled Solutions

Mobility, Web & IoT Enabled Services

Expansion of Internet of Things and mobility is transforming the way things work across industries. Healthcare industry is among those leveraging maximum benefits out of the technological advancements to bring in new possibilities of patient care. Healthcare companies are creating integrated platforms that facilitate the aggregation of data from a broad range of wearables and applications connected to the medical devices. Such platforms also foster real-time engagement with patients and enable organizations to generate actionable insights on the health of each patient.

Healthcare organizations provide care to the elderly and disabled therefore to support healthy and safe living of elderly individuals or disabled patients, a system is required which can monitor their activities of daily living is needed. A mobile and IOT based platform can help in checking essential vitals, providing personalized tips, reminders and educational content on medical conditions in a proactive and timely manner.

Our Expertise:

A- Product Engineering Services:

Our cutting-edge Product Engineering Services comprises of intensive research and analysis for identifying the appropriate technologies to achieve the best performance while incurring minimum costs. R4 Solutions takes a well calculated and studied approach towards cost, performance, feature trade-offs and additional factors which help companies surmount the challenges of delivering high-quality, timely products and services to the marketplace.

B- Software Solutions:

R4 Solutions Software Development Services process begins with thorough understanding and analysis of requirements. We engage with organizations to bring differentiation in user experience, development, enhancements, support and maintenance across the complete application lifecycle and software solutions.Our agile software development approach offers many advantages of an iterative and fast-paced process

C- Cloud services:

Cloudify Your Applications with R4 Solutions. Flexibility and scalability are the future of businesses. We provide Cloud Solutions with the ability to meet the future needs of your business to dynamically scale your infrastructure as per your needs. Our cloud consulting practice focuses on application readiness, defining the cloud strategy & roadmap, selection of cloud types and platforms and a wide range of security aspects. Our DevOps engineers are always on top of your projects, delivering continuous enhancements supported by scalable infrastructure and modern databases. We also follows Continuous Integration by automating the building and testing of code.

D- Mobility Solutions:

As a Mobile Application Development Company, we can help you turn your ideas into elegant, reliable and user-friendly applications. We offer various Mobile Business & Connected Applications Development Services. Our enthusiastic expert developers possess in-depth and extensive knowledge in major platforms/frameworks and cross-platform mobile application development practices. We provide end-to-end Mobility solutions and services to businesses and enterprises in the Lifestyle, Healthcare, Business, Education and Utility industries around the world.