About Us


About us

We, at R4Solutions, focus on delivering premium healthcare IT solutions for patient care providers that positively impact services for providers in every size and budget.

IT Managed Service Provider with Head Quarters at Cupertino, California



At R4 Solutions, We aim to provide our partners in life science the power to use technology to deliver finer services by combining cutting edge solutions and services provided by us.



We envision R4 solutions to focus on two key areas.
First, we strive for improved patient outcomes by implementing AI driven platform that will help doctors and hospitals deliver better care with greater efficiency at a lower cost than traditional methods allow. Second is our goal of empowering young people in the healthcare field as they come out from school or university so this generation can contribute their own ideas into improving established infrastructures while still learning how these new technologies work best together after all!

Offshore Development Services:

Offshore software development allows global organizations to procure cost effective and well featured software solutions for their IT requirements from a distant expert software company. Here are some reasons outlined why clients choose R4 Solutions as their offshore software development company in India:

  • IT Infrastructure Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Cerner Millennium Suite On-Off Support
  • Oracle ERP Suite Deployment & Support
  • Application support and Maintenance
  • Service and clinical Help Desk
  • ERP Solutions
  • Data management services

Why Offshore
Software Development?

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The main reason customers why started getting software written offshore is the cost of living is different in different parts of globe. Outsourcing your software development offers you with skilled team working on your project for the same or less amount than hiring one on-site software developer.


With the current economy and resource shortage IT departments are stretching too thin already, they do not have time available to maintain company’s existing software systems, let alone create new applications or rewriting an existing old application.

Skilled Resources

Finding the right resource is very hard these days and once you hire them it is very hard to retain them. Offshore software development readily infuses skilled resources into your project on an as needed basis.
R4 Solutions have well organize infrastructure to meet the development requirement of offshore software development.