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Our Care Management begins with Assessments, Data Collection (SDoH, Clinical, Administrative, Real-time) and calculating Risk Scores using our AI platform. Our AI process then generates care plans by interpreting all the data (structured and un-structured), finding patterns and establishing problems with goals and barriers to achieve those goals.

Actions are generated for members, while tasks are generated for care managers. These actions help maximize the level of automation. Our AI engine, closes any gap in care and helps towards gaining better clinical outcomes and reducing per capita cost. Moreover care coordination, transition care management and discharge planning is accessed in real time with adoption of our member facing mobile app. The mobile app engages members with direct messaging, remote teleconferencing, remote patient monitoring tools and real-time analytics. Enabling these automated processes has a direct correlation with reduced utilization. All costs are considered before implementing the system, thereby making sure the ROI is achieved.

Population Heath Management: Quality, Prevention, and effective care management are key elements to deliver member centric care to the most complex members while keeping them at home and out of the hospital. To effectively manage your entire population, not only is keeping track of every single member important, but to keep them healthy through continuous monitoring, identifying and resolving gaps in care, effective predictive and stratification tools which assist in cost reduction. Four key elements that enable PHM that we cover:

  • Data Enablement
  • Interoperability Engine
  • Care Management
  • • Patient Enablement


Build trust between members and care managers by allowing them to review live health data and while providing a platform for full transparency.Empowering members is a key element when it comes to member outcomes, allowing them ownership of their own health is essential in keeping them engaged and in control. We have developed tools that support all of their social, behavioral, and medical needs in real time, therefore empowering them to make decisions along with their practitioners.


With Remote Patient Monitoring, Telemedicine becomes imperative for checking in on members on a regular basis. Our mission is to provide care managers with technology that allows them to spend more time with members and the care team. Telemedicine promotes a symbiotic relationship between the care manager and the member. Providing insights to the care manager helps them empathize with themember needs – both social and clinical. Multi-chat video conferencing and messaging allows the Integrated Care Team on a video/audio call to have group communication. Privacy and security are of utmost importance to us as we follow HIPPA Compliance.


We empower members to receive care while at home simultaneously providing the required insights and alerts to providers and care managers. We provide real time analytics on data points received from any remote device or sensor to generate alerts taking into account the member as a whole. Powerful communication tools such as “Telemedicine” and “Direct Messaging” encourages direct contact between the member and caregiver when alerted. Members can also educate themselves based on these data points and take actions using our mobile app.