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R4 Solutions, Inc. has it all, including affordable 24×7 x 365 on-shore service desk expertise and ITIL standards. The company also offers specialized clinical support to make sure your hospital is running smoothly at any time of day or night; real time reporting metrics so you can see how we’re performing for our customers in terms performance improvements like happier employees who use equipment more often because they know its there when needed without waiting around endlessly till next month’s end where someone will finally be able assist them – even if that person just happens not have anything else going onto their plate right then (or maybe never).

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Physician IT support has now become more reasonable

Hospital IT support is an expanding need for hospitals, but at a cost that can be too much to handle. Our onshore healthcare service desk meets the challenge of knowledgeable and fast help with budgets as low 20-30% compared to other comparable solutions!

Physician Help Desk Services:

At R4 Solutions, Inc. we understand how important it is to provide the best customer service when working with patients. Our team of dedicated support staff are available around-the clock so you can get help at any time during your shift while maintaining confidentiality and efficiency in responding quickly on behalf of clients’ needs – whether they’re urgent or not.

Technical Support for Health Care Professionals

The computer has become an essential tool for all areas of health care, from hospitals to private practices. Doctors and nurses use them not only as storage devices but also reference or knowledge bases that provide instant access into patient records; administrators rely on computers more than ever before with their ability update information quickly without needing any human assistance at all!

Our Services

Clinical Service Desk & Desktop Support

Our team of clinical service desk specialists have helped thousands on their journey from hospital employee, to nurse manager and now healthcare executive. We understand that these employees are uniquely positioned as the first line in patient care for any questions related with EHR systems or other aspects such maintenance issues affecting this day-to -day functioning within an organization’s structure

We ensure each one receives comprehensive training about every system they support so we can provide top notch technical guidance when needed most.

Constant support and guidance

With advanced infrastructure and application monitoring tools, our support analysts are often able to anticipate problems well in time. This means that you’ll never need an off-hours technician again! We document all calls in order for us humans can help out too – saving time while building up knowledge bases of solutions provided so far as well as what may be needed next based on current trends
Maintaining 24/7 service desk capabilities is not only cost effective but also provides peace of mind knowing there’s always someone available at any moment should something go wrong.