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The EMR system offered by (Client name), which includes electronic medical records, practice management, e-Rx, and patient portal solutions, as well as complete medical billing services, is a full ambulatory EHR suite.

Users may multitask with (CN) ambulatory EHR software by combining voice inputs of clinical data with the flexibility to personalize that is unrivaled in the business.

For physician practices, (CN) is chosen for its proprietary command-and-control approach, enabling patients to quickly and efficiently create notes. (CN) EHR was designed for speed and ease of use, with the most up-to-date features for you and your staff to spend less time fumbling with bulky software and more time caring

Our 2015 compliant edition is ONC-ACB certified, and it has been authorized by the Secretary of Health and Human Services according to the approved certification standards adopted by the Secretary. This accreditation does not represent the US Department of Health & Human Services approval.


Epic is a fully integrated electronic health records (EHR) system. It is used by hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers to manage patient data. Epic’s comprehensive approach allows providers to view a patient’s medical history from any location, which improves care coordination and communication.

Epic also has features that improve clinical workflows, such as order entry and results reporting. This helps reduce errors and improve efficiency. In addition, the system can provide alerts when patients are due for preventive screenings or treatments. The benefits of using an Epic EHR include improved patient care, communication between clinicians, visibility into patient care across the entire healthcare system, more accurate and timely billing information, reduced costs, and increased efficiency.


Cerner is a comprehensive software system for electronic health records (EHR) used in hospitals and clinics. The system includes many features to support patient care, including secure messaging, medication management, and patient summaries.

Benefits of using Cerner include improved patient care, reduced medical errors, and increased efficiency in the clinic or hospital setting. For example, one study showed that nurses who used Cerner could spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. This resulted in better quality care for patients and improved work satisfaction for nurses. Both Epic and Cerner are cloud-based solutions essential for precise and comprehensive ambulatory care. Cerner is more preferred in clinics, while Epic is preferred in large institutions.


Allscripts is defined as comprehensive clinical software that enables practitioners to capture and securely share patient information electronically across the continuum of care. In addition, it offers several tools and features that facilitate secure communication among providers, patients and caregivers. Some benefits of using Allscripts in Electronic Health Records (EHR) practices are optimisation of clinical and operational processes, connected approach to patient record management and coordination, enhanced decision support and reduction in medical errors. Additionally, it can help reduce healthcare costs by streamlining administrative processes and promoting population health management.


MediTech is an electronic health record (EHR) that includes medical devices and technology. It allows for capturing, storing, and retrieving patient data from devices like heart monitors and blood pressure cuffs. MediTech can help healthcare providers quickly and easily find patient information. This can be helpful in cases where treatment must be urgently administered. Additionally, using MediTech in EHRs can help healthcare providers keep track of patients’ medical histories, which can be essential for assessing past treatments and diagnosing new conditions. It can also help reduce costs by reducing the need for duplicate tests and procedures. It is deployed on the premise of the institution & optimised clinical charting for health care experts and mid-range community hospitals.

Comprehensive Clinical and Back-Office Solutions

Digitized Health Records

Physician offices trust (CN) because it captures the clinical encounter without forcing you to alter your preferred workflow with its paperless office needs. To make charting more efficient than it’s ever been, we combine robust and user-friendly technology with a tool you’ve been using all along—your voice—to create charting easier than before

Practice Management

We reduce the confusion and burden of managing multiple appointments by organizing them in one place. Our rules-based Appointment Scheduler is designed to meet the demands and preferences of your doctors. Billing is quick and effective, and potential issues like denied claims are resolved before they do.

Patient Portal

Our newest feature, ‘Connect Patient,’ supports every current and future Epic EHR in the market today, giving your practice complete control over how you interact with them. Connect Patient enables clinic leaders and caregivers to manage their patients’ care more efficiently.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our Medical Billing Services lifts the accounting stress off our medical office, allowing practitioners and employees to focus on patient care rather than paperwork. Your personnel will never have to input data into the billing system again. Our experience and cutting-edge technology enhance your efficiency without increasing costs, saving money for patient care.

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Better Revenue

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