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According to the latest Gartner, Inc. report, security and risk management leaders must pivot to a human-centric focus to establish effective cybersecurity programs. The focus needs to be on working with the right people in control design and implementation process, from business communications to cyberersecurity talent management, in order to help improve business-risk decisions and cybersecurity staff retention. In addition to having the right human capital and taking an agile approach within a humanistic design framework - technical security capabilities will provide greater visibility and responsiveness across the organization’s digital ecosystem.

How can R4 Solutions, Inc. Help with Cybersecurity Challanges ?

Cybersecurity is about more than just prevention. It also requires an ongoing commitment to managing, maintaining and supporting systems. Looking for the perfect partner to help tackle security risk and governance issues head on? Check out the list of our cybersecurity services below.

  • Managed Security Operations – Incident Process Automation
  • Managed Threat Identification & Alerting Using AI/Machine Learning
  • VSOC – Virtual Security Ops Center for Managed Threat Response
  • Ongoing Vulnerability Assessment
  • Compliance Reporting Optimization

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