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R4 solutions holds years of experience helping leading global pharmaceutical and healthcare enterprises foresee, respond, and adapt to market changes. In a complex market, our solution is simple: We deliver insights spanning collection, synthesis, and analysis of both structured and unstructured data that enables the customer to make smarter decisions.
We understand that high-performing pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations need analytical infusions within all functions, and therefore, our approach of “Industrialization of Analytics” delivers a system through which firms can add analytical flexibility and scalability at each dimension of their operations. Our healthcare and life sciences practice includes analysts and researchers with PhDs and advanced degrees in medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, computer applications, and business management from leading universities with relevant industry experience.

Our Healthcare Analytics Services Make a Difference

  • Our expert services can help you make sense of volumes of data taken from industry forums, internal sources, social media, and regulatory bodies. Our healthcare analytics solutions can help you –
  • Increase patient/customer acquisition and retention rates
  • Conform to stringent regulatory and reporting norms
  • Achieve better operational efficiency
  • Provide faster and more effective patient care
  • Optimize medical/drug device pricing
  • Develop the most optimal drug formulary
  • Improve overall health of patients through wellness, rehabilitation, and other such programs
  • Find out areas which need your attention and benefit from seamless clinical processes
  • Complete your research at a faster pace through accurate healthcare information
  • Develop healthcare friendly software and mobile apps

Our approach includes maintaining healthy behaviors as well as coordinating care for chronic condition management. Our data scientists provide a wide range of solutions to enable better clinical decision-making, improve member care, manage risk and drive better market access. With renewed focus on outcomes and care coordination, along with value-based payment methodology on the rise, the emphasis shifts to rewarding quality as opposed to quantity of services. Leading health plans are now leaning on data and analytics to monitor outcomes, gain insight and predict future states.
Healthcare providers of today have to deal with the paradox of maximizing the quality of patient care, while minimizing costs. Our award-winning data scientists and analytics experts enable market-leading, next-generation care management decision support, patient-centered and consumer-centric health models, and actionable insights to drive higher efficiencies and cost containment.

Our Healthcare Analytics Service Offerings

  • Healthcare Predictive Analytics: With our predictive healthcare analytics, you can get valuable information which will help you make a positive impact on your areas of operation. For example, through our healthcare analytics, we can accurately predict a rise in demand and even aid you in preparing yourself with the best medications and equipment, much before time.
  • Business Intelligence: You can now take your business intelligence to the next level with the help of our accurate healthcare data analytics. With the help of our expert Healthcare analysts, we can help you identify new business opportunities, increase service excellence and increase capacity utilization in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our in-depth analytics will help you evaluate the performance of your healthcare staff, medical facility, operational specialties, and business units to name a few.
  • Modeling and Optimization: With the use of our proprietary healthcare analytics software, you can get access to operational models which will help you understand how a changed/revised model for process execution has impacted your hospital or medical facility. You will also be able to effectively optimize claims processes and clinical workflows, while executing them in a timely manner.
  • Real-time Medical Data Analytics: Accurate healthcare analytics provided on a real-time basis can give you information on the go and provide you with up-to-date information. This will not only help you quickly provide evidence-based patient care, but with the correct approach, help your staff stay on top of valuable patient data and correlate them to make better judgments.