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Cloud empowers your business with accelerated business outcomes

The cloud is not only for business. It’s also a driving force powering digital transformation today, but harnessing the power of this new technology can be overwhelming if you’re looking to do so in all its forms – on-demand software applications; data and infrastructure services like storage or analytics platforms (that give us insight into what happens within our organisation); innovative development environments designed with machine learning capabilities which will help grow your company even further!

We begin with the goal you wish to achieve — then help you get there faster, using our software accelerators, industry knowledge and solid cloud engineering capabilities. With PwC’s Cloud Transformation solution – a company-first approach to cloud adoption – fast forward your business.

Learn More About Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation is the act of moving your company’s operations from on-site servers to the cloud. This might take some time since the migration to a cloud-based solution isn’t the same as cloud transformation. Cloud transformation entails…

  • Shifting apps and software modules
  • Uploading the companies’ data to the cloud
  • Enhancing your IT infrastructure

The length of time it takes to realise your cloud transformation goals is determined by the scale of your business. If you’ve already used some cloud technology, most of your systems may be migrated to the cloud in a few months. If you don’t use any cloud services, moving everything to the cloud might take longer.

What does your business focus on?
  • All-round business evolution
    Leverage cloud solutions to minimise operations costs, manage risk, and increase revenue while increasing business growth, innovation, and resiliency.
  • Peek ahead of migration
    Develop a cloud business strategy rather than just starting a cloud or data centre relocation IT transformation.
  • Innovate Digitally
    Boost and improve consumers’ experiences through increasing and enhancing digital innovation.
Our Expert Enterprise Cloud Transformation Solutions
  • We bring the company’s mission to life by connecting its goals with technology solutions.
Planning & Modification
  • Transcend IT, digitise your business, and unlock cloud potential.
  • Cloud adoption
  • Cloud development planning
  • Reduced Cloud cost
Cloud renovation and shifting
  • Reduce the risk and simplify the transition of your organisation to the cloud.
  • Cloud shifting
  • Application renovation
  • Unleash the power of cloud-native containers, serverless and microservices
Innovation Cloud Powered
  • You can bring your most incredible ideas to life faster with cloud-native technologies and services.
  • Local Cloud application development
  • Cloud application planning
  • Optimise user experience with BXT Works
Cloud agreement and safety
  • Deliver assurance in the cloud by adhering to security, compliance, and resiliency standards.
  • Cloud safety planning
  • Cloud accordance
  • Cloud governance
Bringing revolutionary insights to our varied partners, quicker & safer

We collaborate with the leading cloud providers to assist businesses in making the most of the cloud’s possibilities. Let’s join forces to see how we can help your company succeed in the cloud.

Reinvent Your Financial Services With The Power Of Cloud

Whether you’re planning to migrate or update apps, scale your digital banking operations, use data-driven pricing decisions, or safeguard your customer’s mission-critical data, the cloud allows you to do all of this faster, cheaper, and without the need for specialised in-house staff that is difficult to come by.

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